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Pastures New

Posted on Thursday 17th Sep 2015

I am sure all of us know by now, that our fantastic Linda North (HR Manager) is leaving our office on Friday. She has always been an outstanding employee and unfortunately for us, Linda has chosen to move to pastures new and take on the challenge of working for a new company (non-care related)

Linda joined our company in October 2012. She has been a highly passionate, devoted and loyal employee and she has contributed greatly to the improvement and progress of the company, often going over and beyond her call of duty. Thanks to Linda, we now have practices and ways of working which we can solely credit to her, we have challenged ourselves to think differently, and have implemented new plans which we use today thanks to Linda’s contribution.

We would also like to welcome Robert Stoddart into the team who will be taking on Linda’s duties, It has been an advantage for Robert and for Complete Care that Linda stayed on to coach and help settle Robert into his new role over the past few weeks.

Linda, we are going to miss you deeply, for your enthusiasm and for the sheer dedication you have given your role. Everyone here would like to wish you all the luck with your life and career ahead and we wish you lots of success and hope you gain the achievements that you truly deserve. Thank you from all of us.